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See below for a sample of some of our work over that last 12 months

Techworx are a leading team of smart home systems integrators and electrical engineers, they design the Electrical system along with Home automation, AV, security and IT to ensure the best possible integration and reliability. The benefits and services we provide are the result of being on top of our game, understanding the fundamentals behind any new and emerging tech and understanding the expectations of their clients.

This job was a complete redesign, including social media plan, design and integration, the project was completed in May 2019.

Techworx Home Automation

Atmostreams – website + app

Atmostreams specialize in producing the highest quality original music for business and recreational areas of hotels, spas and resorts. They compose and record original music designed to soothe the senses and enhancing the hospitality experience for a variety of businesses.

This site includes significant media elements, live streaming music via an embedded player on the site or via a dedicated Android App as well as a multilayered membership scheme, online payment gateway integration and supporting social media websites.

Technically challenging and requiring frequent updates, the company are a joy to work with and that relationship endures.

Jason Withe is a former professional footballer (son of England international Peter Withe)
He is a UEFA Pro License coach with an International career history in football and as a manager he has won the highest honours for clubs in the countries he’s worked in.
The website is a gateway to introduce Jason to potential employers and also to feature in depth his experience working alongside some giants of the beautiful game. The site also has blog elements to it and this was important to Jason, not only as a means of expression but also to generate interest on his social media presence by posting his latest blogs there.



MARC stem cell clinic Manila  is situated at Centuria Medical Center in Makati, the heart of Manila and is probably the most state of the art medical facility in the region employing some of the leading experts in this innovative field.

The site has to convey both the benefits of the treatment they offered whilst establishing the credibility of the company and the medical staff working there. This was a research heavy website for which we provided all copy as well as design.